African American Leadership Council

Mission Statement

To cultivate leadership in the African American community to ensure a diverse voice in efforts that address community needs.

Identify, recruit and cultivate African Americans who represent our current and future leadership for our community.

Youth Outreach

  • Foster future leadership among African American youth and engage youth in our community efforts.
  • Develop efforts to mentor youth in middle and high school.
  • Further engage youth in community activities and leadership opportunities.
  • Educate youth on community need and opportunities to address and be engaged.

Link African American leaders and resources with opportunities to address community issues.

  • Engage African American leadership in select community projects.
  • Involve AALC leadership in a range of other community efforts and boards.
  • Select projects to participate in or lead.
  • Coordinate participation.
  • Survey/assess existing community boards and efforts that provide opportunities for involvement.
  • Survey/assess African American representation on identified boards and efforts. Identify gaps.
  • Match leadership skills with participation/involvement opportunities.


Train, educate and motivate existing and emerging leaders in the African American community.

  • Educate members on community issues, resources, and opportunities for involvement in all community efforts.
  • Identify potential community leadership development education/training needs and facilitate education opportunities for AALC members and other emerging African Americans in the community.
  • Motivate AALC members and the African American community to be involved.