Goal:  Families find the pathway to long term financial stability

Local Priorities

  1. Reside. Gaston County families will have a place to call home for long term success.
  2. Adults will develop functional life skills and be better able to support their families.
  3. Thrive. Families will plan beyond the crisis.  Learning not only how to make money, but how to manage it, budget it, and save it for the future.


  • 27% of renters in Gaston County spend more than half of their pay on rent.
  • 20% of adult family members in Gaston County don’t have a bank. They can spend $100 or more a month on check cashing fees.  They pay the highest interest rates when using rent-to-own companies.  Any funds they are able to save are not safe from theft.
  • 20% of Gaston County citizens live in extremely depressed financial circumstances.