United Way Internship Opportunities

internsUnited Way of Gaston County Internship Opportunities

United Way of Gaston County is expanding its opportunities for student interns in the Gaston County area. The organization is seeking motivated young people with a heart for service, who want to apply their education to real-world scenarios and projects. Nonprofits function like small businesses; there is marketing, social media, event planning, photo/video production, business development, project management, office administration, strategic planning, web and computer technology, database management, finance, and more! And for United Way, we also have Community Impact, a department that focuses on developing strategies and partnerships for programs that focus on Education (especially early childhood education), Financial Stability, and Healthy Living.

See the below opportunities at your local United Way for internships. Internships at United Way are for Work-Based Learning or Internship Credits through your local education institution. 

Interested students can email Daughtry Hopper at dhopper@unitedwaygaston.org with questions or to schedule an interview.

Internship Opportunities 2018

  1. Nonprofit 101 Internship: This internship would be 160 hours and would focus on giving the intern exposure to a variety of nonprofits. It would begin with an introductory United Way 101 and Nonprofit 101 training, that includes the basics of nonprofit structure, management, and analysis of the nonprofit landscape in Gaston County. It would also include a Grant-Writing 101 training, to give a high-level overview of basic grant-writing and fundraising. After the initial training, the intern would work with United Way in an office setting to learn the basics of a nonprofit office. The intern would then work with United Way’s staff to determine what his/her future interests might be, and determine a timeline for working with various agencies during the internship based on the needs of other nonprofit agencies, and the availability of the intern. Emphasis will be placed on getting the intern experience with multiple agencies and a variety of populations.
  1. Nonprofit Program Development Internship: This internship would be 160 hours and is meant for someone very interested in Program Development. The basis of this internship would be to give the student an opportunity to learn about the basics of nonprofit programming, and specifically United Way and Partner Agency Programming. Then the intern would work with a member of the United Way Staff to develop a program proposal, and possibly a program implementation, that fills a need in the community and corresponds with United Way’s three impact areas (Education, Financial Stability, or Health), or to the three United Way values of (Giving, Advocating, or Volunteering). The idea is that the intern should be able to demonstrate the ability to tactically and strategically plan for a population, anticipate roadblocks, and do a SWAT analysis. It would also include developing a plan for program sustainability and funding.
  1. Nonprofit Resource Development and Marketing Internship: This internship would be 160 hours and would expose students to the essential elements of fundraising and resource development for a nonprofit. Every nonprofit operates based on 4 key areas that create long-term sustainability: Volunteers, Donations, Grants, and Donations In-Kind. Interns in the Resource Development Department will learn about the basics of event fundraising, volunteer coordination, donor solicitation, grant-writing, relationship database management, marketing and relationship building. Students who intern in this area will need to be detail-oriented. Final project for this internship will be to develop a fundraising plan for a United Way event or program, or a Partner Agency’s event or program, which will also include social media marketing.
  1. Guerrilla Marketing Internship (Fun and High-Energy): The theme in today’s world is “Do more with less.” The nonprofit world understands that. This internship would give the participant an opportunity to learn about how nonprofits and small-businesses approach marketing. We’re looking for someone who is detail-oriented, outgoing, and fun. This position will be highly visible in Gaston County, and will give the intern exposure to a large number of local companies, nonprofits, and community leaders. Final project will include helping to develop a social media plan for an event/program.
  1. Website Development/Video Production Intern: We’re looking for web technology or video production intern to join us in the Fall to help us achieve our mission to serve the community. The internship would be part of the Work-Based Learning program, and interns would be required to complete 160 hours of work. The internship will include developing and executing plans, project management, and the opportunity to create a highly visible body of work. Internship has the opportunity to expand to a working relationship for future projects.